May 1, 2023

6 Courtship Mistakes Made by Successful Women And How to Correct Them S6E27

You come to bed tired from home, you switch between the dating apps, you get drained from introducing yourself to men who don’t match your energy, before you drool to sleep.


Now imagine finding men you can authentically connect to, men who are willing and eager to create a deep, heartfelt connection with you without being hesitant or having their walls up. Spend time with this image in your head, sit with it, embody it. Because you are about to actually find these “imaginary” men like many other women in this community did.


When you repeat the same actions and expect different results, you disappoint yourself and get stuck in the Loop of Distrust. However, changing your courtship actions and decisions can be a first step to having valuable relationships with a man worthy of your time and effort.


This episode gives us a quick and impressionable glance at 6 courtship mistakes made by successful women like you and how you can correct them. Tune right in and click on the link below for a 20 minute Attract Your Match Game Plan Call which will guide you with actionable steps on starting your courtship journey right.


Time Stamps For This Episode:


00:00 – Introduction

1:25 – Envisioning Valuable Men

4:02 – Spending more time living your vision

5:00 – Making different courtship decisions

7:40 – Shifting the focus of your energy

8:59 – First Mistake

9:52 – Quality men vs Valuable men

11:01 – Second Mistake

12:07 – Third Mistake

13:07 – Fourth Mistake

14:30 – 5 Steps for commitment

15:08 – Fifth Mistake

16:19 – Sixth Mistake

17:30 – Conclusion: Attract Your Match Game Plan Call


Links Mentioned In This Episode:


Attract Your Match Game Plan Appointment


Apply to the Captivating Courtship Code 2.0 Coaching Program


Queen of Courtship Assessment

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