June 10, 2024

Adapter Love Loop Relationship Pattern 101 S7E23

Adapter Love Loop Relationship Pattern 101

The Adapter Love Loop relationship pattern typically has less committed relationship experiences compared to the other Love Loop patterns, yet, they’ve adopted the negative relationships experiences of those around them and in the media, which manifests into a deep fear of rejection and hurt.

Most adapters toggle between anxious and avoidant attachment style behaviors, with a constant push-pull effect playing out in their love lifes. As badly as they’d love to be in love, date or find a great partner, their fear of disappointment keeps them on the sidelines and treats dating like a spectator sport. For an Adapter, relationships are like reality television shows, full of drama and better to watch and observe than to participate. 

Being a student of relationships doesn’t only impact their romantic life. You will often see Adapters feeling challenged with expanding their social life and having a healthy social circle where they feel safe to feel seen and heard.

If you have the Adapter Love Loop relationship pattern, you may find yourself  taking on other people’s problems and adapting to negative mindsets and beliefs when it comes to relationships, despite not having gone through the negative experience yourself.

Adapters struggle with a deep fear of rejection, fear of disappointment, and comparison when it comes to their own desirability and self-worth. These fears are a way to protect themselves from pain yet also prevents an Adapter from taking action to move their love life forward.

Top 7 Adapter Love Loop qualities:

  • Tends to have less romantic experiences long-term singles
  • Anxious-avoidant attachment
  • Doesn’t trust self, the courtship process, or the opposite sex
  • Takes on other people’s issues and makes them their own
  • Sabotages with negative low self-worth thought patterns
  • Slow to take action
  • Leads with fear and judgment


In this blog you will learn the basics of the Adapter Love Loop relationship pattern and some practical steps to have more successful relationships.

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Adapter Love Loop relationship pattern 101

In this episode you will learn about the Adapter Love Loop relationship pattern and how to navigate courtship and dating with this pattern so you can attract love and marriage.

“How do I attract a partner without getting hurt?”

If you have the Adapter Love Loop, you may find yourself often asking questions such as,

“How do I attract a partner without getting hurt?” or thinking things like,“Relationships are scary and painful so proceed with caution.”

Thoughts such as these can make it very difficult to find the confidence to step out of your comfort zone and take the risk that naturally comes with the dating and courtship process. You may have spent years observing negative relationship outcomes and drama, and may find yourself on constant red-alert when it comes to love and connection. However, shrinking and holding yourself back keeps you on the ledge of the pool when you need to get in the water. This is exactly how you are sabotaging your chances at love and commitment.

Simply put, you must be willing to take the leap, jump and dive straight into the world of relationships. You must accept the fact that relationships are in fact risky and there’s no way to completely avoid ever getting hurt. Yet, if you develop new relationship skills so that you feel more confident and have a clearer understanding of how to navigate murky relationship waters to decrease poor decision making, and learn to self-soothe your anxious thoughts and feelings, you will gradually learn to feel safe and enjoy meeting new people and gaining new experiences.

The great thing is that for the Adapter Love Loop your superpower in relationships is simply being yourself and allowing others to see who you are. This very natural and organic way to connect is all you need to become magnetic and attract the right people and social connections to you. The more you expand your social circles and step into new positive environments, the more potential partners you will meet. 

This sounds simple for some, yet for an Adapter the thought of being seen feels extremely vulnerable. The fear of judgment may cause you to compare yourself instead of embracing your authenticity, which may be something you’ve struggled with your entire life. The more you embrace your true self the more you will feel worthy of love and connection, and your entire world will open up to new people, places and opportunities you have been dreaming of.

If you have the Adapter Love Loop, it doesn’t matter if you decide to use online dating websites, online forums or offline network your way to love, all of these will work in your favor. What matters most is that you allow your amazing personality, talents and thoughts to shine when opportunity strikes. 

The more you are in environments that feel safe and produce positive experiences, the more you will feel safe to be seen and to be yourself. You just need to open yourself up to new rooms, online or offline, use your voice and let your talents or special quirks bring the right people your way.


The Love Tug of War: Navigating the Internal Struggle of Anxious-Avoidant Attachment Style

In the intricate dance of human relationships, few dynamics are as paradoxical and challenging as the anxious-avoidant attachment style. For those who experience it, love often feels like a constant tug of war between intense longing and the overwhelming urge to retreat. This internal conflict can turn even the simplest interactions into complex emotional battles, making it difficult to find and sustain fulfilling relationships. Let’s explore the internal war of someone with an anxious-avoidant attachment style and offer insights into managing this struggle.

Understanding Anxious-Avoidant Attachment

Anxious-avoidant attachment, also known as disorganized attachment, is a unique blend of anxious and avoidant tendencies. People with this attachment style crave intimacy and connection but simultaneously fear the vulnerability that comes with close relationships. This duality creates a push-pull dynamic, where the desire for closeness is in constant conflict with the fear of being hurt or overwhelmed.

The Internal Tug of War

At the core, if you have anxious-avoidant attachment you may have a deep yearning for love and connection and often idealize relationships and can become intensely focused on your partners. This need for connection is driven by an underlying fear of abandonment, leading them to seek constant reassurance and validation from their loved ones.

However, paradoxically, you also harbor a profound fear of intimacy. This fear stems from past experiences where closeness may have led to pain, betrayal, or rejection. As a result, you develop a self-protective mechanism of avoidance, distancing themselves emotionally when you feel threatened or overwhelmed.

The interplay of these opposing forces creates a push-pull dynamic in relationships. When you feel close to your partner, the fear of vulnerability kicks in, prompting you to withdraw. On the other hand, when you create distance, the fear of abandonment resurfaces, driving you to seek reassurance and closeness. This cycle can be exhausting for both you and your partner, leading to confusion and instability in the relationship.

The love tug of war experienced with an anxious-avoidant attachment style is a heartfelt internal struggle. However, with self-awareness, support, and a commitment to personal growth, it’s possible to navigate this conflict and cultivate healthier, more fulfilling relationships. Understanding and addressing the complexities of anxious-avoidant attachment can lead to deeper connections and a more stable, rewarding love life.

Here are 3 tips to get started:

  1. Engage in Shadow Work: Delve into your unconscious to uncover and heal past traumas and fears that shape your anxious-avoidant attachment style. This self-discovery enhances self-awareness and emotional integration, helping you recognize and manage your attachment triggers.


  1. Learn the Dating and Courtship Process: Educate yourself on healthy relationship dynamics, practice setting boundaries, and communicate openly. Take relationships slowly to build trust and intimacy gradually, creating a stable foundation for mutual respect and understanding.


  1. Create a Fulfilling Lifestyle: Pursue passions, build a strong support network, prioritize self-care, and commit to personal growth. A fulfilling and joyful lifestyle boosts your confidence and emotional stability, making you more likely to attract and maintain a healthy, nurturing relationship.


Transforming the Adapter Love Loop relationship pattern

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