June 24, 2024

Avoider Love Loop relationship pattern 101 S7E25

Avoider Love Loop relationship pattern 101

Avoiders are committed to their independence, fear of rejection, and the belief that their must authentic selves would never be fully valued or loved. They uphold a shell of their identity in order to protect themselves from judgment and avoid their discomfort with their full truth, not from a place of arrogance but from fear of rejection. Avoiders have a difficult time with emotional intimacy and typically feel overwhelmed when relationships get too close or when lots of emotional expression takes place. When this happens Avoiders will shut down, withdraw or avoid any perceived conflict in hopes of feeling safe. Especially if their partner is highly emotionally reactive.

In this episode you will learn about the Avoider Love Loop and how to transform it.

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I’m passionate about improving the state of women’s relationships because a happy, healthy, loved and valued woman not only transforms her love life but has the power and impact to transform her family tree for generations to come. 

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