April 24, 2023

Better Hormonal Health & Relationships w: Jasmine Filiatrault

DID YOU KNOW that YOUR BIRTH CONTROL could impact the kind of partners you’re picking or decisions you’re making in your courtship process?


This episode is eye-opening for millenial women who are trying to balance busy careers, love and wellness. Hormonal health directly affects how your relationships and potential body image issues, anxiety, fatigue, emotional management and how you feel about yourself! Your hormones also can affect how you emotionally react, communicate and navigate your relationships and your love life.


In this episode, Zara J. interviews Jasmine Filiatrault, who is an ER Nurse and a specialist on Hormonal Health and Relationships, who takes us on a journey of how her mother had Endometriosis, her struggles with her cycles as a young woman and how she discovered the path to feminine wellness.


We learn about hormonal health, PMS, uterus alchemy, period cramps, birth control methods, their pros and cons AND fertility which is a concern to many women listening to this podcast because you’re looking to start a family or you see commitment and marriage in your future plans!


Take away life changing knowledge and tips from this enlightening episode of Captivating Courtship Podcast. LISTEN NOW!



Time-Stamps for the Episode:


0:00 – Intro

2:58 – Jasmine’s background and life

4:12 – Jasmine’s painful period cramps, is that normal?

4:32 – What happened to her body on birth control pills

7:07 – Birth Control stopped, IUD started

14:26 – Why do doctors insist on other solutions outside hormonal balance and nutrition?

17:55 – Jasmine specializing in hormonal health

19:05 – Women pick better partners, make better decisions when not on birth control

19:35 – Certification in Australia

21:25 – Do we inherit period/hormonal issues from our mothers?

24:02 – Over-working out

25:55 – Why is hormonal health something that matters?

30:26 – What is one of the biggest misconceptions some women have about their hormones?

31:29 – Can you have COFFEE?

33:45 – How Jasmine assessed Zara and her hormones!

35:05 – 3 to 5 big things YOU’RE ignoring!

40:43 – Funny Story by Zara

43:15 – Cancer, Breast Cancer

46:36 – How your hormonal imbalances are directly impacting YOUR LOVE LIFE!

49:37 – Misconception you might have about hormonal health or fertility!

53:13 – Tips for someone NOT ON BIRTH CONTROL!

54:20 – Concluding notes and tips.



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