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In 40 minutes you’ll learn your specific love blocks that’s causing you to attract the wrong men and EXACTLY how to change this, quickly.


Letting love come naturally has created a pattern of attracting all

The wrong men.

Hey, Beautiful, if you’ve found yourself in cycles of feeling highly anxious, questioning if you’re wife worthy, or feeling like every time you get to the edge of commitment the man you’ve fallen for goes cold, you’re not alone. Many women go through painful cycles that causes them to stop trusting themselves, ready to give up on love, or running back to their old ex even when they know they deserve better. The gut feeling that you’ve been repeating the same relationship experiences and meeting the same men over and over again, is probably true…but it doesn’t have to be anymore.

What if I told you the relationship you desire is a lot closer than you may believe, but your love blocks are holding you back?  

And because you can’t see your own blindspots, it could take years or even decades of making the same mistakes before you finally get clear on what you need to do differently to attract the high quality relationship of your dreams…that’s IF you don’t stop wasting time and get clear on your love blocks, now.

Listen, attracting a relationship can be tough.

And today, with all the social media distractions, busy work life, along with friends and family asking, “When are you going to get married?” It’s hard to figure out what’s ACTUALLY holding you back from meeting a compatible guy, let alone attract healthy, long-term COMMITMENT.

does every man seem the same?

You’ve tried EVERYTHING like being open minded, therapy, and even asking friends to hook you up with new men, but every man turns out to be exactly like the ones before…or worse. 

Plus, although you’d hate to admit it, deep down inside you know it’s time for YOU to make some changes. You’re tired of being tired, and tired of your own behaviors, attachment, and settling with men. That’s why it’s time to breakup with your type.

"I fit every single description listed in Trophy Chasers!"

“Oh my gosh, I was listening with eyes wide to the wounded prototypes, I have a laundry list of checkboxes! I fit every single description in Trophy Chaser! I’m already loving this and feeling happy I invested in myself so much!”

— Makeda Y.

listen up, love!

Here's Why you've been blocking love...

 If you’re like most women before working with me, you’ve probably asked yourself, how long can I keep this up before I have to give up…RIGHT?

And if you don’t change your patterns then unfortunately you run the risk of staying single long term.

Here’s the thing, showing up anxious and low-value with men doesn’t allow you to feel like a radiant Captivating Queen.

Instead, you find yourself up late at night looking for answers to…

  • Why the last guy broke things off, ghosted, or left you feeling rejected?
  • Overthinking about the next move to make, what to say, or how to get him to commit.
  • Or, terrified that once your guy knows the real you that he’ll back off and leave you heartbroken.

Or maybe you’re so fearful of making a bad love decision that you just avoid men altogether.

You don't have to keep guessing

What if You Knew exactly what to change?

Most women think to attract a relationship they have to be the perfect woman, but the truth is, the real culprit is…Your Attraction Patterns. 

Your current relationship patterns dictate who you’re attracted to, how you’re attracting, and the cycles of rejection and heartbreak that’s making courtship much more difficult than it has to be. 

If you want a high quality relationship with a man who is compatible, sees your value and is READY to commit, you must first stop sabotaging your love life by attracting from low value Wounded Princess energy.

Wounded Princesses are victims of their love life, while Captivating Queens are MASTERS of it.

master your love life & attract better men

Breakup with Your Type masterclass

The Secret 8 Attraction Patterns you must break to attract better men for commitment.

What You'll Learn

The secret attraction prototypes, what to do to break them, PLUS the 4 major courtship phases so you can attract better men and confidently court your way to commitment.

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"Zara J. thank for the opportunity to really dig deep into my wounds and patterns so I can show up for myself. This was a true wakeup call for me."

— Khadija Y.

Breakup with your type MASTERCLASS INCLUDES:

  • Get 1 Hour training
  • Learn the 8 SECRET Passion Attraction Prototypes
  • Get Clarity on the EXACT Steps you Need to take to Break Your Patterns
  • Get Clear on the four phases of courtship so you can navigate them to commitment
  • BONUS* Passion Attraction Prototype Discussion Group Instant lifetime Access
  • BONUS* 20 Minute Captivating Courtship Relationship Assessment

ready to breakup with your type?

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Meet the creator

Hello, I'm Zara J.

Relationship coach, author, creator of the Captivating Courtship Code and host of the Courtship Code podcast. 

I teach women how to break relationship patterns and attract compatible, commitment ready men. I’ve helped my clients grow past relationship disappointments and master how to actually navigate courtship with confidence so they can attract their partners, quickly.

I’m passionate about helping my clients create happy, healthy, high value love lives with ease so they can live their best life and I can’t wait to help you, too.

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So what will it be, Love? Continue to repeat the same relationship patterns…OR get clear on what you need to do to break up with your type and attract quality relationships?

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