February 27, 2023

BTS Monday Coffee Chat: Paying attention to your patterns S6E16

Do you feel like no matter how consistent you are with dating, your love life isn’t moving forward? Well, that could be because of love blocks. Love blocks create relationship patterns in your life. These love blocks could look like childhood wounds, triggers, self sabotage and abandonment.

Many high achieving women let relationship anxiety, communication issues, disappointment, or low self-worth hold them back from attracting the right partner. Identifying your relationship patterns such as fear of rejection and difficulty setting healthy boundaries, can create a ripple-effect of change in you. This episode will help you get clear how you can dig deeper into your own mindset which is the first step towards a high value love life.

Join us for this Monday’s Coffee Chat behind the scenes of the Captivating Courtship Code coaching as we explore how to break free from patterns that may be holding you back from achieving the love life you desire.

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Time Stamps for this episode:

00:00 – Trophy Pattern
2:15 – How to Qualify a Man
4:47 – Get to Know People for Who They Really are!
5:29 – 1 Limiting Habit Women Have
6:05 – Why Qualifying a Man is Important
9:33 – Fear of Rejection is Fear of Vulnerability
10:02 – Ways to Make Yourself Heartbreak Proof
12:43 – What is stopping you?
13:50 – Manifest Your Match by Paying Attention to Your Patterns
16:52 – Boundaries are Scary but Very Important
17:11 – It’s mostly All About Plan A!
19:42 – How to Get Clear on What You Want
22:51 – Where are You Positioned?
25:07 – Journaling Your Courtship Journey
29:25 – What You Can Do Differently
31:35 – Conclusion

Links Mentioned in This Episode:

15 Minute Courtship Assessment Call

Queen of Courtship Assessment

meet the host

Relationship coach, author, creator of the Captivating Courtship Code

I’m passionate about improving the state of women’s relationships because a happy, healthy, loved and valued woman not only transforms her love life but has the power and impact to transform her family tree for generations to come. 

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