August 31st - September 1st 2024 virtual event

transform your love life
in 90 days

An immersive, two-day virtual experience designed specifically for women who are ready to create the love they deserve in the next 90 days.

It's time to break free from the patterns holding you back and step into the confident, empowered version you are meant to be.

Stuck in a cycle of attracting the wrong partners?

Meet women like you. Get unstuck from cycles of relationship anxiety and doubt.

Whether you want a fulfilling, lasting connection with a quality partner who truly understands and supports you… 

Or a high-achieving woman who seems to have it all together in every aspect of your life—except when it comes to relationships, Captivating Weekend is for you.

Leave Captivating Weekend with a plan to transform your love life in 90 days, new connections, and a heart open to receive the love you are worthy of deserving.

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An engaging, safe, and intimate virtual experience

“Zara did an excellent job making the virtual experience engaging in a safe, intimate environment where we all felt comfortable sharing and learning.”

2 days to align with love


An immersive, two day experience designed to transform your love life in 90 days, happiness and fulfillment. Through personalized coaching, proven strategies, and unwavering support, you’ll be guided on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and lasting love.

"I fit every single description listed in Trophy Chasers!"

“Oh my gosh, I was listening with eyes wide to the wounded prototypes, I have a laundry list of checkboxes! I fit every single description in Trophy Chaser! I’m already loving this and feeling happy I invested in myself so much!”

— Makeda Y.

inside the weekend

what's inside...

Here's how you will captivate courtship in the next 90 days:




Plus The ONE Secret I wish all women knew to avoid dating and courtship burnout

"Zara J. thank for the opportunity to really dig deep into my wounds and patterns so I can show up for myself. This was a true wakeup call for me."

— Khadija Y.

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Leave Captivating Weekend with a plan to transform your love life in 90 days, new connections, and a heart open to receive the love you are worthy of deserving.

plus bonusES*...


  • 2 Day live immersive experience filled with workshops, networking, and live coaching.
  • Gain deeper clarity on your relationship patterns and how to stop them from sabotaging your love life.
  • Craft your personalized attraction plan and get the EXACT steps you need to transform your love life in the next 90 days.
  • Create your personalized confidence boosting toolkit and live a more fulfilling live while attracting a committed relationship.
  • BONUS* The Captivating Weekend digital workbook filled with exercises and guides for your attraction plan.
  • BONUS* 30 Day check-in live group coaching call with Zara J. to follow up and ask additional questions.
  • BONUS* Access replays of recorded sessions to watch on-demand and refine your attraction plan

listen up, love!

Here's Why you've been blocking love...

 If you’re like most women before working with me, you’ve probably asked yourself, how long can I keep this up before I have to give up…RIGHT?

And if you don’t change your patterns then unfortunately you run the risk of staying single long term.

Here’s the thing, showing up anxious and low-value with men doesn’t allow you to feel like a radiant Captivating Queen.

Instead, you find yourself up late at night looking for answers to…

  • Why the last guy broke things off, ghosted, or left you feeling rejected?
  • Overthinking about the next move to make, what to say, or how to get him to commit.
  • Or, terrified that once your guy knows the real you that he’ll back off and leave you heartbroken.

Or maybe you’re so fearful of making a bad love decision that you just avoid men altogether.

In 3 days we want to help you transform your love life and regain the confidence you need to love again.


This is perfect for you if:

Meet the creator

Hello, I'm Zara J.

Relationship coach, author, creator of the Captivating Courtship Code and host of the Courtship Code podcast. 

I teach women how to break relationship patterns and attract compatible, commitment ready men. I’ve helped my clients grow past relationship disappointments and master how to actually navigate courtship with confidence so they can attract their partners, quickly.

I’m passionate about helping my clients create happy, healthy, high value love lives with ease so they can live their best life and I can’t wait to help you, too.

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Summer 2024 Captivating Weekend

8.31.24 - 9.1.24

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August 31st- September 1st

Join live March 8th-10th. You’ll will have access to recorded sessions to watch over and over again.

So what will it be, Love? Continue to repeat the same relationship patterns…OR get clear on what you need to do to break up with your type and attract quality relationships?

are you joining us?

Summer 2024 Captivating Weekend

8.31.24 - 9.1.24


You've got questions? We have answers!

No worries! Although we’d suggest attending live, we understand that may not be possible for everyone, especially in different timezones. If you cannot attend live you can watch the replays of the recorded sessions to learn and create action plans at your own convenience.

The live event takes place from 11AM-5PM EST with a scheduled lunch and breaks throughout the day.

Once you have secured your spot you will receive an email for the registration page and Zoom link to attend.You will also receive email reminders so that you don’t miss the event.

Absolutely! You will be able to get coached live and ask questions throughout the 3 day event.

If you are an introvert you will feel right at home. Captivating Weekend is an intimate experience where you will be valued as an introvert. Introverts are great at listening, exploring deeper conversations, and making close connections. We are waiting for you.

If you just got out of a relationship, Captivating Weekend will serve as a great healing space to help you gain clarity on what you experienced, and what to do differently in the future. You will leave with a plan that will be available whenever you are ready to attract love again.

Even if you are not ready for a relationship right now, having the tools and plan to improve your love life available for when you are will help you to avoid painful mistakes and wasting time with the wrong partner. Relationships are all around you and your next one is waiting for you. It is better to be prepared and confident than clueless and insecure.

At the Captivating Weekend you will:

  • Discover the eight signature relationship patterns that lead to self-sabotage.
  • Learn how to overcome clinginess, neediness, and overthinking in relationships. 
  • Gain techniques for managing relationship anxiety and cultivating emotional balance.
  • Craft your personal attraction action plan.
  • Learn the Secret to navigating the dating and courtship process with ease and clarity.
  •  Learn how to establish healthy boundaries to maintain emotional health.
  • Learn matchmaking industry strategies for meeting Quality Partners Offline
  • Creating your confidence-boosting toolkit
  • Master how to overcome feelings of inadequacy and cultivate self-worth for a fulfilling life.

In 3 days your investment in yourself will be worth 10x your ticket.

Yes, you will be introduced to the newest information on your patterns, get coached, and deeper clarity on how to break them.

Yes, especially if you have an anxious attachment style and want to learn new ways to manage your emotions and relationship anxiety so that you don’t push your partner away.

Being vulnerable and in a coaching environment may feel scary or new, yet it may be exactly what you need. You don’t have to share if you don’t want to. You will still learn through watching other women get coached.

If you are reading this it’s because you want help now. You have the courage to make the decision to be in the room. Delaying your transformation is delaying the love you deserve.