The Proven 6 Step Blueprint That Helps Women attract, Court, and Commit to the right, ready men.

Can You Imagine How It Would Feel To…

  • Transform your relationship patterns so that you stop letting emotional reactions, fear and frustration control your love life. 
  • Effortlessly embody your authentic value so that you feel more confident, worthy, and live a life you love.
  • Have a simple 6-step intuitive courtship process so that you stop chasing commitment and effortlessly attract it.

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We are focused on helping our clients break their relationship patterns and attract compatible, commitment ready partners. 

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    Imagine being able to manifest the love life you desire without second guessing yourself and your decisions.

    • Stop feeling lonely and discouraged
    • Heal your emotional triggers and break old relationship patterns
    • Get a customized match plan to know who are the right partners for you and how to attract them
    • Learn how to clearly navigate your own path to find a spouse and attract a partner
    • Gain unimaginable levels of self confidence and self worth
    • Fully embody your feminine energy like the queen your are


    Get Lifetime access to our private student community to ask questions 24/7 and connect with other captivating queens so you can know exactly what shifts to make and learn from other like minded women for faster results.


    Get coached every week on group calls and live Q&A so you have all of your relationship questions answered and support to take the best steps to attract the right partner for you based upon proven results.

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    Fast-track and DIY your way through the Captivating Courtship Code curriculum. Use our signature and proven 6 step process to help you transform your relationship patterns, navigate dating & courtship, and align with your vision of love so that you attract partners for marriage.

    embody high value feminine attraction

    "He makes me feel seen, heard and loved for being me."

    I am the woman and girl I want to be when I’m with him and he appreciates it frequently! We are halfway through the premarital training course and just figuring out dates for the next steps. I’m in love and I confidently and securely feel loved for being me. and my family loves him thank God!


    learn to attract commitment ready men

    "attracted love after divorce"

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    stop avoiding love and learn to attract it

    "I'm engaged!"

    Thank you all for your loving wishes and congratulations on my engagement, I really appreciate it! I’m super grateful to you, Zara, for creating this space and community, this program allowed me to become self-aware of aspects of my personality and thinking that I never had the chance to explore, it gave me tools to better know my self-worth, get clarity on my values and what I want from marriage.



    "I can't thank you enough for leading me to the love of my life"

    I wanted to update you on my courtship. I fell in love with a guy and we became committed and exclusive. It all just happened so quickly!


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