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Captivating Courtship Code

Stop Feeling Anxious And Unworthy In Your Love Life And Manifest Your Actual Relationship Goals.

when it comes to dating

High achieving women don’t have time to waste trying to figure out dating and courtship on their own.

 Although everyone admires how accomplished you are, secretly you’re disappointed you haven’t found the right guy.

Feeling anxious, unworthy, and uncertain has caused too much relationship stress for way too long, Love. It’s time to embody your authentic value and femininity, ignite trust, and intentionally attract compatible men for commitment.

Not knowing how to actually court compatible men for commitment is not getting you closer to all the joy, happiness, abundance and feel good moments a relationship has to offer, that you deserve.

You are worthy of it.

Yet, going through cycle after cycle of attracting non-committal, emotionally unavailable, even toxic men…or even avoiding men altogether, can really make you question if you truly do deserve love or if a great guy is actually available to you? Especially when you feel like you’ve done the personal development, read all the books, and listened to all the podcasts and videos the internet has to offer.


Can you imagine how it would feel to...

Imagine being able to manifest the love life that you desire without second guessing yourself and your decisions.

No more trying to DIY your love life

You Need A Real Courtship Game Plan!

Letting love come naturally doesn’t work. It’s led to relationship patterns that leave you feeling frustrated, rejected, and you’re no longer able to trust that you know what you’re doing. 


The proven 6 step blueprint that helps women to stop feeling anxious and uncertain about their love lives to becoming a Queen of Courtship

  • Breakup with your relationship patterns and love blocks,
  •  Embody your high value feminine energy
  • Create a clear game plan to attract and court compatible men for commitment.

The Captivating Courtship Code is culminated from years of experience as a Matchmaker

It is designed as an intimate, intensive solution for the High Achieving woman like you, who is READY to MAGNETIZE your Love Life, EMBODY your Authentic Value & ATTRACT Compatible Partners.

Captivating Breakthroughs

Listen to the amazing results from real women who have been in the Captivating Courtship Code Program

She Got Married, Better Family Relationships, & New Career

Attracted New Relationship After a heartbreaking Divorce

Investing in my relationships was better than investing in divorce

Gained a Judgement Free Zone to Learn how to heal, recenter & move love life forward

Coaching Gave Something Therapy didn't along w/confidence & self awareness

Stopped Relationship Sabotage w/ Clarity to Attract Love

Here’s How You’ll Crack the Courtship Code…

You’ll heal deep rooted emotional triggers

and move towards a future with a renewed sense of trust in yourself and your decisions.

You’ll gain explosive confidence and a sense of self worth

 by fully embodying your high value self so you can be in 100% alignment with Mr. Right.

You’ll know exact matchmaking industry techniques

to develop an online and offline game plan that will finally open the floodgates to better options for partners.

Completely re-approach how you approach courtship

by mastering your personalized courtship code and clearly navigate relationships and commitment.

Exude remarkable feminine energy like the queen you truly are.

Ignite your feminine communication and deeper connections with men with new skills that spark intimacy and inspire masculine men to step up and commit.

Discern how to attract commitment ready men

for commitment, rejection, & breakups that leaves you feeling empowered and ready to take your love life to the next level.

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Weekly group coaching calls

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Meet your coach

Zara J - Relationship Coach, Author & Expert

If you want to work with a coach who has been where you are, has successfully found a happy relationship, and has helped dozens of other women do the same you’re in the right place.

You will learn my 6 step process to – derived from my years of matchmaking, to transform how you attract, build connection, and court for commitment.

4 ways you'll know

The Captivating Courtship Code is for You If...


You repeatedly attracting men who are flaky, emotionally unavailable or just not compatible


You are questioning if you're even good enough for the type of men you desire (hint: you are more than enough)


You want to surround yourself with an intimate community of women who you can have transparent conversations with in a no judgment zone


You are committed to dedicating the next 12 months after the program to implementing the process and getting the results that you've been looking for


Captivating Courtship Code group coaching is perfect for you if you’re looking to make major moves in your love life, in the next 12 months.

My Promise to you…

Making the decision to commit to your relationship goals can feel scary. You may even question, “But will this actually work for me?”

That’s why I promise every woman in Captivating Courtship Code coaching that you’ll walk away with a major transformation on your relationship patterns and how you court for commitment, along with a custom match game plan, or I’ll keep you in the program until you do. You commit to the work as guided by your coach and you get a massive transformation in return.

now is the time

Don't let another year go by feeling anxious and uncertain about your love life

Okay, Beautiful, it’s time to commit to your future. You can continue feeling drained and discouraged, or you can get excited and hopeful about your relationship goals. Many women spend years and lots of money in therapy, only to uncover the root of their relationship challenges, but never gaining any real answers or skills to move their love life forward.

That can be true for other women, but it doesn’t have to be true for you. You can make the decision to do something different. By committing to your relationship goals and learning a proven blueprint to transform your love life, you’re saying no to past and family relationship wounds, and saying yes to your happily ever after.

have questions?

Here's What People love to Ask

Captivating Courtship Code coaching is for single, married, or actively dating women who want to stop feeling anxious and uncertain about their love lives, and are ready to have a clear step by step blueprint to embody their high value feminine energy, increase heartfelt communication, and create deeper connections with men to attract and create high quality, compatible long-term relationships.

If you’re a woman who’s experiencing anxiety, a lack of clarity, miscommunication with men, conflict, rejection, ghosting, cycles of breakups or abandonment, fear of commitment, clingy or neediness, or feeling clueless on what are the next steps to take to improve your love life or attract a relationship this is the program for you.

Coaching is a personal experience and requires you to commit to doing the inner work and taking action. With that said, most women begin experiencing shifts in their love life and personal life within 4-8 weeks of coaching.

Coaching and your transformation is a commitment. If you’re not ready for coaching, you can start your love journey by listening to the Courtship Code podcast on any streaming platform or download one of the free guides provided on this website.

Coaching and your transformation is a commitment. If you’re not ready for coaching, you can start your love journey by listening to the Courtship Code podcast on any streaming platform or download one of the free guides provided on this website.

No, we cannot guarantee you will attract a relationship/marriage. It is up to you to take action and do the inner work to get results. We do guarantee major transformation with how you show up in your love life and the types of men and experiences you choose to attract, if you commit to the work or we will honor an additional12 months of program access.

On average most women commit roughly 2 hours a week to coaching which may be spread across weekly group coaching calls, online community engagement, and Captivating Courtship Code online course.

Absolutely! Many women join coaching while in a relationship or currently dating/courting a man. You will receive major benefits learning how to heal your wounds, connect and communicate with your man so you can maintain a happy, healthy relationship and marriage.

About 50% of the women in coaching are in therapy or have done therapy prior to coaching. Therapy is very beneficial to discuss relationships, however, coaching teaches relationship skills and techniques specific to improving the quality and actions of your love life.

Our coaching community and group calls provides the intimacy to bring comfort and connection that will make it easy for you to share and learn along other women. You will also be supported by your coach so you don’t shrink and miss an opportunity for growth.

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