March 13, 2023

Communication tip for Commitment Conversations pt1 S6E20

Want to win ANY negotiation as a high-achieving woman? Focus on your body language. Allan & Barbara Pease analyzed 1000s of recorded sales negotiations and found that body language accounted for the majority of impact made while negotiation. Communication is 55% non-verbal cues, about 38% vocal cues and 10% your actual WORDS!

Do you feel like no matter how close you get to commitment & marriage, you still are far away? Do you find it difficult to communicate your needs or are you often subject to hiccups, conflict and drama in commitment conversations? If yes, this podcast is made for YOU! It has that one secret that could be holding you back from commitment.

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I’m passionate about improving the state of women’s relationships because a happy, healthy, loved and valued woman not only transforms her love life but has the power and impact to transform her family tree for generations to come. 

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