May 8, 2023

Courtship Mistake #1 Successful women not focusing on valuable and authentically aligned men S6E28

In today’s episode of the series, 6 courtship mistakes successful women make and How to correct them, we dive into courtship mistake #1: Successful women not focusing on valuable and authentically aligned men. Many accomplished and successful women don’t know how to identify and attract valuable men.
Over my 8 years in the relationship industry, we’ve worked with a spectrum of professional women who desire to partner with men they deem as valuable.

It became clear they had no real idea how to identify a man of value and how to focus their energy on being courted by them. Even if they had attracted these types of men in the past, they didn’t actually know why they attracted them, or how to meet more men they actually desire to partner with.


The big problem for these women, and maybe even you, is that valuable men meet women with the same accolades often. Women who are successful, educated, and attractive. That’s not enough to feel emotionally moved to commit. You must understand the psychology of commitment. Why they want to commit to a woman and how the process of commitment works so the relationship naturally and authentically moves in that direction, or you will find yourself in hot-cold relationships and situationships.


Two important things women need to consider: Valuable men want women like you and there are lots of valuable men available, right now.

Today’s podcast breaks it down and provides a clear understanding and perspective of the shifts necessary to focus your energy on valuable men so that you can attract the types of men you deserve.

Time Stamps for this episode:

00:00 – Introduction

3:15 – Not attracting commitment

4:15 – What is a valuable man?

7:21 – Building an authentic connection

7:30 – Logical Attraction

9:00 – How successful women will sometimes fear a valuable man’s circle of influence

9:35 – Accolades aren’t enough to move a man to commit

10:13 – Not understanding commitment psychology

10:35 – Do you believe you’re worthy of a valuable relationship or do you question it?

11:11 – You are already worthy enough to attract a valuable partner

11:49 – Successful women are often the first of their kind

14:15 – How you will notice shifts in your life once you start working on yourself

15:25 – Holding the initial interest beyond the initial desire

15:57 – Low value thoughts and emotions arising in courtship

17:00 – Valuable men actually want women like you

17:42 – What makes a valuable man feel supported?

19:42 – You already have the qualities that you value in someone else

21:26 – The odds are in your favor

22:07 – Envisioning life with a valuable partner

23:00 – Attract Your Match Game Plan Call

23:26 – Two reasons you’re not attracting commitment-ready men

24:00 – Conclusion

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