May 15, 2023

Courtship Mistake #2 Not Understanding Commitment Readiness Levels S6E29

Being committed is defined as being devoted to seeing it through. It means when you know you’re in it to win it. Today’s episode works through understanding commitment readiness levels, in not just your potential partner but also yourself.


A relationship starts with you looking inward first. Before questioning if the man is commitment ready, it is essential to work on yourself and get to the point where you are able to receive that commitment healthily.

There are cold guys, warm ones, and hot guys. Cold guys are inconsistent, rejecting, and emotionally unavailable. You only attract the hot & ready ones when you yourself are self-secure and fully commitment ready. There can be endless debate on the third type of guy – the warm guy.


Warm guys who are valuable and ready to explore are tough to decipher. Not courted with intent and knowledge, warm guys can even turn cold. Then there are men who are valuable and warm but they’re not commitment-ready. Many women get stuck in these grey spaces with valuable and warm guys who they think are hot guys.


The underlying truth is you can’t expect every man you meet to be “The One”. We are actively working in the Captivating Courtship Code to break these stereotypes. The common thing about all three types of guys is: they come to teach you. You must be open to receiving and learning from each man you meet. The more experience you gain, the more value you show up with, in the ultimate relationship that later turns into a successful and valuable marriage.


Dive into this episode to learn about the three types of men, three things that could happen when you meet these men, and what you can do when you meet a warm, valuable guy.



Time Stamps for the episode:


00:00 – Introduction

1:40 – What is a commitment?

2:10 – Check-In with Yourself

4:00 – You have to be able to receive a commitment

4:33 – Three Types of Guys

10:20 – What to expect from guys in the relationship market?

14:02 – Every man you meet is not going to be your husband

15:18 – 3 things that could happen when you get out there and meet men

16:55 – More on the 3 types of men|

20:20 – How Warm Guys Are Different

22:28 – Conclusion


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