May 22, 2023

Courtship Mistake 3&4- Not knowing how to meet, qualify, and get courted by valuable men S6E30

If you have been dedicating 10-15 years of your life to education, growth, and self-development, you deserve a partner who understands you and is authentically aligned with your values. Today’s episode brings you an in-depth dive into the 3rd and 4th mistakes of the Courtship Mistakes series of episodes in our podcast.


If you find yourself jumping into courtships and dating situationships that don’t go too far, it is because there is somewhere in you a lack of confidence in your own ability to feel valued, loved, and respected. There is thus a high level of urgency and you don’t trust any man, no matter how valuable to take his time to make the decision to commit to you. The problem, to begin with, is ourselves. If we don’t truly believe in the value we bring to the table, how can we expect to be able to qualify a man?


This could look like a disaster, but these human mistakes need action. You need clarity to first know and then own your authentic value, you need to open up your social circles and tap those social resources for your courtship process too to meet these valuable men around you (believe us when we say there are plenty). You have to very necessarily take the effort to go through the courtship process in a way that is intentional and will lead to commitment. This is where knowing how to get courted, and stepping back into your feminine energy comes into the picture.


It’s not a rule but this is why at Captivating Courtship, we focus on getting to know how men think and their perspective in commitment psychology. It truly could be life-changing for your courtship process. The Love Loft is a tool that has the power to transform your framework, shake and reconstruct your belief system and most importantly get you commitment-ready so you can meet, qualify, and get courted by valuable men.


Take a plunge into this insightful episode and know what not to do when you’re trying to court for commitment.

Time Stamps For This Episode:


00:00 – Introduction

1:55 – Comparison is the thief of joy

2:50 – Why you deserve an authentically aligned partner

4:04 – Importance of understanding commitment ready levels

5:00 – Mistakes 3&4 introduction

5:13 – 2 processes to help attract quality men

7:00 – There actually are valuable commitment-ready men around

7:20 – Importance of understanding the way he thinks

9:44 – High-achieving women vs high-achieving men

13:08 – What a man truly wants

16:27 – The 4 big problems

21:00 – The Love Loft Introduction

21:54 – The signature 6-Step Process

22:03 – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

23:13 – Attracting from a place of distrust

23:40 – Helping you embody the Queen energy

24:15 – Helping you to meet men

24:57 – Knowing how to move through a courtship that ends up in commitment

25:08 – Getting grounded in your favorite energy

25:38 – Make commitment decisions & conversations

26:36 – The Love Loft – A deeper look

30:00 – Conclusion


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