March 9, 2022

Trophy Chaser Love Loop Testimonial- Detox from Ex & Attract Your HusbandS5E15

Since women can remember, we have harbored the fear of transparency and honesty about our own feelings and emotions. Today’s episode brings to you a gripping story of a student of the Captivating Courtship Code, who not only detoxed from her ex but also attracted her husband in just 6 months.

She went from being in pain, holding on to a man because she thought she couldn’t find someone better to finally being decisive and transparent. Instead of chasing and asking for commitment, she learned to lean back and receive while doing unrivaled inner work. She began her journey, unsure if she was qualified enough to share her opinions, feelings, and experiences. Finding a community changed that for her, she slowly began to be vulnerable around women who could not only hear but also relate to her.

The one thing that required the most work for her was challenging her mindset. She had to challenge herself to face things she was in denial of, to start owning her desires and to start getting clarity in her courtship and dating process. Having done most of the work on herself, when she came across a man who was ready to settle down, had his priorities clear, and worked on himself, she was ready to receive love like never before.

Once her values aligned with him, all she had to do was learn how to let him lead, to trust him. As they moved past the nascent stages of their relationship, they decided to finally get married. Even in the marriage, she had to learn to stop trying to control the outcome and navigate the process, knowing that the worth she sought in external validation, always lay within her.

Dive into this episode for an in-depth insight into this delightful journey, nothing short of a rollercoaster ride with the best partner she could hope for!

Time stamps for this episode:

00:00 – Introduction
3:30 – Introduction to a student of CCC
6:19 – When she first came into CCC
8:29 – What detoxing from an ex felt like
13:11 – Who you vent to and how you vent matters
13:58 – What Zara saw in her
15:09 – Was she intimidated by being vulnerable?
17:00 – She doesn’t ask for relationship advice from friends anymore
18:19 – Was she relating to someone specific in her journey?
20:44 – One thing she had to work on the most (her mindset)
23:10 – The things she thought were important, were actually not
24:30 – She is still a work in progress
25:40 – How they both showed up in the relationship
26:55 – Two things she noticed in him
29:15 – The consequences of the pressure to marry – how she turned it around
30:05 – Age was a limiting belief for her
33:37 – Values are aligned with him
34:16 – Learning to let the man lead
39:00 – Building your trust muscle
40:00 – Power of Community
40:24 – How did it feel to be married?
43:02 – How was it getting coached?
48:10 – Negative impact of social media
50:00 – It’s time to make a radical change

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