February 21, 2022

LoveME Love Loop Testimonial: Finding Love After Divorce S5E10

Have you recently gone through a breakup or divorce and have a hard time believing that you’re going to be able to find love again? You’re not alone. Many women share this experience and avoid taking a chance on love again out of fear of being hurt, or finding out they are no longer desirable. That’s how one of my clients thought prior to working with me. She felt totally discouraged about getting married again, and after a toxic relationship that didn’t last very long, she didn’t think she’d every have a devoted partner she always dreamed of. Not to mention, many beliefs about being a high earning professional woman being a deterrent for quality men held her back from moving her love life forward.

So what did she do to attract her now husband in less than a year of coaching? Listen to this case study breakdown and watch others on Instagram @zarajcaptivatingcourtship to get all the details.

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