October 11, 2021

Get the Relationship You Actually Want S4E49

It’s time to have a real conversation about getting the relationship you actually want. Too often, women settle for relationships they don’t desire because deep down inside they don’t believe they can actually have it. They operate on love survival mode, and allow themselves to create stories that are rooted in a lack of trust, fear, disbelief, and clarity that keeps them safe and unhappy, despite desiring better. This only sets you up for failure and keeps you unhappy in your love life way longer than you have to be. Most importantly, it can push many women to give up on their legacy of love. On today’s episode we have a very candid conversation about this mindset block and what you need to do to create the type of relationships you actually want.



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Relationship coach, author, creator of the Captivating Courtship Code

I’m passionate about improving the state of women’s relationships because a happy, healthy, loved and valued woman not only transforms her love life but has the power and impact to transform her family tree for generations to come. 

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