June 19, 2023

Getting over ex and interfaith relationships coaching S6E33

How do you push past an ex and deal with interfaith relationships? In today’s coaching episode, we’ll have an insightful conversation about how to do just that.

In relationships and specifically interfaith relationships, it’s important to understand why we feel the way we do and process our emotions. In this episode, she admits that she still misses her ex because he had certain qualities that she can’t find in other men around her. But as she digs deeper, she realizes that she’s not open to receiving those qualities from other men because she got hurt the last time she did. She also realizes that if men don’t show up for her right from the beginning, she tends to lose interest and doesn’t give them a chance to open up later on. This points her toward a much deeper issue: her own emotional unavailability.

If you want someone to give, you have to be open to receiving. This often proves to be difficult because we come from a place of fear, distrust, judgment, and guarded emotions. It’s crucial to focus your mind and energy on the type of relationship you envision for yourself.

In coaching with Zara, this woman reaches the conclusion that in interfaith dating, when you’re not operating in your authentic values and boundaries, things will often take unexpected turns. She realizes while processing that her key takeaway from this coaching class was just this. Determining her own authentic values because if your values are fluctuating depending on who you’re in front of, it is an indicator that you’re not operating to your full authentic worth.

Take a cup of coffee and dive into this episode to process your perspective on interfaith relationships and getting over exes as you listen to this coaching episode unfold.


Time Stamps for this episode:


00:00 – Introduction

00:29 – How to push past missing your ex

1:15 – What about her ex she still misses

2:50 – Not seeing the same in other men

3:30 – Believe in finding that in other men

4:12 – On not being open to receiving

5:45 – It is possible to become available even after breaking up

7:00 – Unravelling emotional unavailability

9:30 – If you want someone to give, you have to be open to receiving

11:55 – Honing down on the desired type of relationship

12:45 – Overcoming challenges in interfaith relationships

16:30 – What she felt was unfair

22:40 – Fear of putting herself in the same situation again

23:10 – Exercises in CCC, on guilt and shame

24:35 – Believing that you can make decisions more in alignment with yourself

25:05 – Committing to your vision of love

28:00 – Dealing with guilt: an example

32:10 – Her takeaway: determining her values

33:14 – Interfaith relationship advice



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