June 12, 2023

How to stop wasting time with a relationship that’s going nowhere S6E32

You don’t need to go through pain and relationship issues for months or years on end to find a valuable man who is worthy of you. Today’s episode brings to you freshly brewed stories for the Captivating Courtship Code which are examples to tell you How and why to stop wasting time with a relationship that’s going nowhere.


Many high-achieving women rush into the dating and courtship process, focusing solely on the outcome. This will lead to being in cycles of non-committal relationships, investing in emotionally unavailable men or toxic, narcissistic men, and hot & cold relationships. In doing this, endless time is wasted hoping for a man to commit and come around.


The problem lies in how much we value our time and when we don’t value our time, how can we expect anyone else to value it? If you want love, trust, emotional connection, stability, and a partner who is authentically aligned to your personal and professional life, you have to be confident about their commitment level and you don’t have the time to waste it on convincing them to prove your worth to a man or relationship that makes you feel insecure and doubtful.


High-achieving women almost always face pressure to succeed in all areas of life – career, relationships, personal commitments, and simultaneous pressure to not be weak through all of this. The obvious result is stress and stress leads them to complicate relationships and over-extend themselves physically, emotionally, and even financially.


You must practice getting out of your mind and into your body, heart, and gut. Your gut is your feminine intuition and that is your superpower in the courtship and dating journey. Pay attention to whether he is using language that includes you in his future plans. Is he consistent in his investment in you? Is he respectful of the boundaries that you create or is he breaching them? It is also on you to not just create but also keep these boundaries irrespective of who comes and goes. When you spend more time reflecting on your relationship patterns and experiences, you will see long-term authentic shifts in the quality of your life and relationships.


Take a deep dive into this episode to gain valuable insight into the hows and whys of not wasting your time in nowhere relationships.





Time Stamps in this episode:


00:00 – Introduction

2:15 – Shifts you see once you start the inner work

4:13 – Storytime!

7:30 – Why CCC does not have scripts

12:40 – Commitment readiness

12:50 – Long-distance courtship

13:50 – Attention is not intention

14:04 – Story 2

15:55 – What often happens in Long Distance Relationships

17:52 – Learning to value your own time

20:13 – Story 3

22:17 – Are you prepared to move?

23:52 – You don’t have time to waste

25:00 – Investing time in a relationship that makes you doubtful

26:52 – 3 Shifts to Attract Commitment

27:12 – Getting out of your mind and into your body

28:18 – The process of attracting low-value relationships

31:12 – Solutions to turn this around!

31:30 – 1. Pay attention to his future plans

32:34 – 2. Is he consistent?

34:29 – 3. Making high-quality relationship decisions

35:32 – 4. Setting and keeping boundaries for the standard you deserve

37:13 – 5. Expressing your needs, desires, and expectations in courtship

38:37 – 6. Spend more time in reflection

40:36 – Surround yourself with a community of women

44:00 – Conclusion


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