August 14, 2023

LoveMe Love Loop: Self Sacrificing and Shrinking w/courtship & relationships S6E42

The relationship pattern known as the LoveMe Love Loop is known for self-sacrificing during courtship, dating and relationships in order to people please and meet their potential partner’s needs. The hopeless romantics of the 8 Love Loops, their willingness to prove their worth through people pleasing and shrinking their voice is their strongest form of self-sabotage that keeps them from having the relationship and connection they deeply desire.


In this episode, we dive into the LoveMe Love Loop and the pros and cons of their particular relationship pattern. We discuss the secret to LoveMes getting their emotional needs met, increasing vulnerability and communication, and stepping into their most powerful authentic selves. You will also learn 3 simply keys to no longer shrink during the courtship process so you can get your wants and needs met.




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