March 16, 2022

Trophy Chaser Love Loop Testimonial – Married in 6 months…here’s what she did S5E18

Do you remember Merida from Brave? Yes, Humairah reminds us of a disney character!

A student of Captivating Courtship Code, she hit rock bottom when she felt disconnected not only from others around her but even herself. She knew something was off, she wasn’t showing up authentically in her relationships and always second guessed her own decisions.

In this episode, Humairah tells us how exhausted she felt with men, the process of dating and herself when she took a break from courtship and decided to work on herself first. She tells us that it is essential to come back to dating and courtship once you process your own trauma and make sure it doesn’t adversely affect your love life.

At a time when she felt like she couldn’t talk to people who could relate to her, she found that comfort in this community and gradually grew to open up authentically in her dating and courtship experiences.

When you transition & start living a captivating life, it’s almost like you’re a threat to negative energy so it was natural when she had to lose people in the way to becoming who she wanted to become but Humairah now believes in prioritizing herself over people who would drain her of the feminine energy she needed to embody. Isn’t she truly Merida from Brave?

Humairah started looking at love from a spiritual angle, made major mindset shifts and in this process also met her fiance who was different right from the start. He made his intentions clear and showed up openly and honestly, trying to do things differently to make it work. When asked what the biggest learning was from this experience, she says, leaning back and stepping into the Queen Energy and prioritizing herself.

See? The courtship process is as much about someone else as it is about YOU.

Tune into this episode to know details of how Humairah went from single and lost to happily married in a matter of 6 months!

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