June 22, 2023

Monday Coffee Chat: Survival Mode and Authentic Values during dating, courtship and relationships S6E35

When you are in survival mode being in your authenticity and attracting a man who shares your authentic values in courtship is a challenge. This is because when you are anxious, fearful of getting hurt, or trying to control the outcome of the relationship you aren’t focused on building meaningful connections. Instead, you will simply focus on securing the man or the relationship, even if he is the wrong partner for you. While it’s a good thing to have resilience in courtship, applying pressure or ignoring incompatibility only causes you to waste time with a nowhere relationship or possibly commit to a man who’s not authentically aligned.


This is a Monday Coffee Chat episode from 2019, where you go behind the scenes of The Captivating Courtship Code coaching program for live Q&A coaching. Zara J. shares expert relationship coaching advice to guide clients through their courtship and dating questions. In this episode you will learn about navigating dating in adversity, questions to ask before marriage, authenticity in romantic relationships, overcoming obstacles in love, and mindset transformation in dating.

0:00 Survival Mode and Courtship, Dating & Relationships

6:56 Questions to ask before marriage

9:30 Paying attention to what people value


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