How Introverts meet more men for courtship S5E41

If you think being an introvert gets in the way of attracting a partner, let me share a secret. Introverted women can experience courtship and meeting more quality men easier than you think. Your introversion will activate your authentic ability to embody feminine energy, communicate on a deeper level, and create authentic connections with quality […]

High Quality Relationship Decisions S5E40

Right now, you may think you’ve made a lot of mistakes and feel hopeless. Or that you only attract men who aren’t ready, non-committal or emotionally unavailable. But the truth is you have to know how to qualify men and make high quality relationship decisions. Making decisions for your love life that don’t align or […]

10 Mistakes Women Make S5E39

In this episode you’ll learn 10 mistakes women make with courtship and attracting a relationship and how to avoid them. We also breakdown what’s inside of the Relationship Reset coaching program, who it’s for, and the enrollment process. JOIN THE RELATIONSHIP RESET WAITLIST CLICK HERE Questions? Send a DM @zarajcaptivatingcourtship

People Pleasing vs Highly Desirable Attraction S5E38

The gap between thinking and knowing is stopping you from attracting long-term commitment, today. Here’s what you must understand, it’s not that men don’t see your real value or that men like the idea of you and not the real you. You simply aren’t communicating your value to the right men, in an authentic way, […]

Anxiously Attaching During Courtship & Dating S5E37

If you want to feel secure, valued and pursued by a man who wants commitment, letting relationship anxiety drive the courtship process will always backfire. Instead, you need to communicate your value without attempting to prove you’re good enough to be chosen by overthinking, overdoing, and desperate clingy energy. When you do this you will […]

Reset your love life S5E36

What if you could hit the reset button on your love life and start taking action, increase your confidence, and meet lots of new men…would you? If so, then the first step to resetting is to break the pattern of not meeting men or meeting the wrong men. You can do this by getting clear […]

Courtship Series: Feeling Exhausted to Feeling Ease with Courtship S5E35

Taking action, repeating experiences, not seeming to get past the same relationship point. You’re tired of hot-cold relationships and you’ve been in this cycle for years. What you really want a loving, committed relationship with a man who is emotionally available and ready for commitment without having to apply pressure or convince him. Here’s the […]

5 Lessons Matchmaking Taught Me S5E34

Being a professional matchmaker taught me a ton of lessons that led me to creating the Captivating Courtship Code. Any of these lessons can get you one step closer to understanding what’s been making courtship difficult for you AND they will make all of your relationships better. Because how you do one thing is how […]

The truth about commitment S5E33

In today’s episode I share my own personal journey with commitment and how I’ve had to learn to think about my own personal struggles with staying committed, and what I’ve done to focus on my health goals instead of giving up. I also share how the same mindset will help you in your journey to […]

[Captivating Month] Make Courtship Fun Again S5E32

Doors to the Captivating Courtship Code 1.0 are closing for good June 15th. Want to know how to make courtship fun again and get back in control of your love life? This episode breaks it all down for you. In this episode you’ll know all the details to know if CCC is the right fit […]

[Captivating Testimonial] From Fear to Fiance in less than 12 months! S5E31

On this special episode a student of CCC shares how she went from experiencing deep relationship fear due to childhood wounds and her parents’ marriage, to attracting her soon to be husband in less than 12 months. Learning to heal relationship fears and truly commit to attracting a healthy relationship wasn’t easy, but with intentional […]

Moving on from Situationships S5E31

Whether you are ready to start your relationship journey or you hope to turn your current courtship into actual commitment…you deserve more than a situationship. Many women join CCC after a bad breakup, divorce, or when deep down they know their situationship isn’t going to grow into marriage…and they don’t have any more time to […]