September 12, 2023

Selling Yourself on Settling S6E45

Have you been selling yourself on settling? In this episode we discuss what it actually means to sell yourself on settling, why you do it, and how to stop so that you can attract the healthy relationship you deserve.


Too often, women confuse settling with status, accolades, or even ego driven desires. However, actual settling is much deeper and has a greater mental, emotional, and spiritual impact. When you sell yourself on either settling to stay single or settling for less than you deserve in a relationship, you will never have the type of relationship you deserve, even if you attract commitment. When you decide to settle, you train yourself on a subconscious level to believe you are not worthy or deserving of what your heart and soul truly desires for your love life.


You can have the relationship your heart craves. You must simply decide it’s inevitable and do the work required to make it happen now. In this episode you will learn the key steps to stop selling yourself on settling and get on the path to the relationship you deserve.






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