December 13, 2021

Adapter Love Loop Testimonial: Captivate Courtship after 40 & Adapter Love Loop S4E59

In this special episode of The Courtship Code podcast, we have a discussion with a Captivating Courtship Code alumni who shares her experience with coaching, and why joining The Captivating Courtship Code coaching program was so much more than learning how to get a man. Instead, Tamara shares how coaching gave her the opportunity to rediscover herself.

When we first met Tamara, she booked a call to learn more about her relationship patterns and quickly decided to join The Captivating Courtship Code coaching program so she could transform her Love Loops, step into her worthiness and captivating life, along with learning a new way to navigate the courtship process and improve her dating skills. However, coaching turned out to be a journey of personal growth and development and learning to heal past experiences and the inner girl that didn’t feel good enough, deserving, or confident in her ability to have whatever she desires and believe in her ability to be authentically loved and valued for who she was.

Tamara’s primary relationship pattern was the Adapter Love Loop. This Love Loop often makes it difficult to overcome negative thoughts and beliefs, especially when surrounded by negative people and messages that discourages love, commitment, and your desirability. This means one of the first steps to transforming the Adapter Love Loop is getting into a new, positive, supportive environment that uplifts you and will help catapult your love life with new relationship skills, tools, and encouraging information that creates real transformation and results.

We also chat about learning to captivate courtship after age forty, and the importance of not waiting to make the decision that your love life is worth pursuing. It’s never too late to learn new ways to attract a healthy relationship, even if you have little relationship experience or never had success in the past.

Listen to this episode and hear more about this client’s journey with healing the heart, feminine energy, self-worth, and navigating the dating and courtship process using The Captivating Courtship Code.


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