March 20, 2023

Trust IS difficult after Betrayal: How to trust again & attract love S6E21


The good news is that you can rewire it.

Do you feel like every time you take one step forward with attracting a partner, you go three steps back in your love life? Do you at this point question your desirability or ability to find love?

We are all operating on negative thought loops and patterns we default to because they feel familiar and safe. The way out of this cycle is to learn how to process from the present and the future instead of your past. You have to get new experiences that validate new beliefs. You have to rebuild your trust muscle so your brain has proof that you can have the type of relationship and commitment you want from the types of men you want.

Listen to this podcast to make high quality relationship decisions so that you can attract the right partner faster and to get more information and action to develop the skills you will need in this courtship journey with us!

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Time Stamps for the Episode:

00:00 – Intro

4:16 – Time is now to make your love life a priority!

6:17 – The Loop of Distrust and its effects

14:47 – Attracting the same type of men

16:54 – How To Break The Loop of Distrust

18:14 – First & Second Hand Proof

18:57 – Captivating Courtship Coaching Community – why YOU should be part too!


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