August 21, 2023

Where to meet quality men: Simple 5 step Love Links Strategy S6E43

If you haven’t felt sure about what steps to take to meet new men this episode is for you. Today, we’re discussing Captivating Courtship’s signature 5 step Love Links strategy and how you can use it to self-assess what actionable steps you can take to meet quality men and attract an authentically aligned partner.

The Love Links strategy is a simple road map shared with The Captivating Courtship Code’s clients to navigate the relationship market and expand dating and courtship options, without overthinking. By using the map, you have a simple plan to prioritize where to meet men starting with a broad approach and narrowing in. We cover online dating, conferences, long distance relationships and more with this simple approach. This way you never have to second guess where to start or feel a drought in your love life, especially during cuffing season.


The Love Links strategy is at the perfect companion to your Love Loops, to make it easy to navigate the relationship market according to your relationship patterns. We provide you with the best tools and approach to meeting potential partners according to your specific Love Loops, to make dating and courtship work with you and decrease any resistance you may have to moving your love life forward. Take notes and listen now.


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