January 9, 2023

Why Successful women lack confidence with dating & courtship S6E3

A secret many high achieving successful women have is that they struggle with confidence and self worth. And society has made the mistake of confusing a woman with goals with a woman who isn’t fragile, fears rejection and failure, and a woman who doesn’t actually have it all together.

So you’re often treated as strong, or expected to have all of the answers, or to figure it out on your own. And while this may have allowed you to accomplish things you’ve set out to make happen…it’s also left you feeding into the beliefs and expectations others have put on you.

You may really want love and a partner who will see you as their best friend. A man who loves and values you and respects you, but deep down inside you don’t really believe it’s possible or that it will happen. And you really fear failure. Not just failure of settling and being a man who doesn’t meet the expectations of the people you care about…but you also fear the possibility of failing at ever attracting and being loved for who you are.

In this episode we’ll dive into the real deal about why successful women lack confidence with dating, courtship and relationships.


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I’m passionate about improving the state of women’s relationships because a happy, healthy, loved and valued woman not only transforms her love life but has the power and impact to transform her family tree for generations to come. 

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